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Xander’s Cerebral Palsy Superpowers

Do you need a way to discuss Cerebral Palsy with your child, friends, family, or caregivers?

A tale about a superhero and his trusty dog – Xander and Oreo.

Xander explains about cerebral palsy, what causes it, the 4 types, and how it affects him and his friends who also have cerebral palsy. He also shows how he is an important member of his family and how what HE can do MATTERS.

This book is a TOOL written by a mom/pediatric physical therapist to open discussions about cerebral palsy and inclusion. It demonstrates how to be an advocate for your friends with cerebral palsy and how they are important and have so much value. It is best for older elementary school kids or a book to read aloud to younger ones and could even be read in sections.


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