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My Snuggle Monsters Won’t Go To Sleep

Meet Fransciso. He is the epitome of every parent. He ADORES his itty bitty snuggle monsters. But they will… not… go…. to… BED. He tries everything. From reading Monster Fairy Tales, to nice warm bubble baths, to rocking them to sleep in the old rocking chair. Nothing works. They are just too busy.

How WILL he get them to sleep?

Written by Lori Leigh Yarborough, a mom of four, who has read her fair share of bedtime stories over the years. This EPIC story of the STRUGGLE that has faced parents since the dawn of time is sure to have you and your kids laughing and giggling all the way to La La Land. Kids will be enchanted by the captivating illustrations and catchy rhyming vocabulary. Parents will be entertained by the witty writing that will have THEM wanting to read it just ONE… MORE… TIME…

Join Francisco in this EPIC tale as he works desperately to get his adorable, snuggly little fuzzy monsters to bed.

So he can finally get some rest. And maybe you can too.


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